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The history of the Caldaro Winery was born from a long way away. A century of history that has brought this winery to its current level: professionalism, passion and high quality levels. From 1900 to today the Cantina di Caldaro has written a piece of south Tyrol's wine history. Today it is a company that has 650 members who cultivate 450 hectares of vineyards. The last step was the merger between Kellerei Caldaro and Erste & Neue in 2016, giving rise to CANTINA CALDARO. It should be noted that the two realities merged into the new cellar keep their wines and their labels separate. The main grape varieties used are kalterersee native to Lake Caldaro, and in succession Pinot Bianco, Sauvignon, Gewurztraminer, Lagrein Chardonnay to name the most important.

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