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The red wines of Trentino.

Red Wines Producers Trentino

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Busat Rosso 2018 COMAI

Title: Igt Dolomites
Grape variety: Merlot Rebo Cab. Sauvignon
Region: Trentino
Format:0.75 l
Alcohol content:12.5%

€15.50 Price
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Barbanico 2016 Cantina BALTER

Naming: Vallagarina Igt Shrimp: 2 bicch.
Grape variety: Lagrein/Merlot/Cab. Sau Bibenda: 5 bunches
Region: Trentino Slowine: N.d.
Format: 0.75 l Ais:
Alcohol gr. 13,5% Veronelli:
€21.90 Price

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