Dulcis Masetto 2017 CANTINA ENDRIZZI

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Title: Igt Dolomites
Grape variety: Moscato Giallo Sauvignon Riesling Chardonnay
Region: Trentino
Format:0.375 l
Alcohol content:11.3%


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Deep yellow with golden reflections, rich bouquet, reminiscent of exotic fruit and honey. The flavor is full, aromatic, sweet, but not cloying, very balanced and persuasive.


When harvested, only well-ripened and perfectly healthy bunches are placed in special boxes for drying in a ventilated and cool environment. Here the grapes, constantly monitored, remain for at least 4 months until reaching a sugar concentration of approx. 380 g / l. Vinification At the time of pressing the grapes have lost about half of their weight following the drying process. The very slow and soft pressing allows the extraction of the precious juice which is fermented in small 136-liter oak barrels at a controlled temperature of 8 ° C. Given the high concentration in sugars and the low temperature, fermentation continues. for more than 3 months, enriching the product with particularly complex notes.


Dessert and meditation wine. It goes well with aged or blue cheeses such as gorgonzola, fois gras and dry pastries.


cantina endrizzi producing Trentino wines since 1885. It has a long history behind it, made up of passions and men who believed in work and in the terroir. Today everything continues with the fourth generation and is represented by the great-grandson Paolo and his wife Christine.The work of Endrizzi extends all around the historic Masetto building in San Michele all Adige. an avant-garde architectural project that is very attentive to minimizing the environmental impact. The dominant note in the new part of the cellar is given by the rich technological equipment: steel modeled in many forms (tanks, stairs, technical equipment, pipes, walkways) and enhanced by spotlights in semi-dark environments (black walls and ceiling ) ensuring a unique visual emotion. The cantina endrizzi wines are all made with integrated farming practices without synthetic chemical treatments
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Data sheet

Vineyards Dolomiti Igt
Grape variety
White Cuvee
Trentino Piana Rotaliana
Gr. Alcoholic
0.375 l

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