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1 bott. Hausmannhof HADERBURG

1 bott. Gewurztraminer T. Dorfmann

1 bott. Joseph Hostatter

1 bott. Gewurztraminer M. Donati

1 bott. Gewurztraminer CESCONI

1 bott. Selida Cantina Termeno


Gewurztraminer: in German the name comes from Traminer "native to Termeno" and Gewurz " spicy, aromatic". From studies and research carried out it is very likely that before being called Gewurztraminer, this vine originated in Germany and Alsace, and later arrived in the area of Termeno became the cradle of this vine, where it took the name of Gewurztraminer. Vine that loves cold climates, with good thermal excursions, which allow a slow ripening and the development of intense aromas. It is one of the few aromatic vines, the olfactory picture is complex and seductive, with floral aromas, tropical fruits, lychees, pineapples, papaya and hints of spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise. On the palate it is rich, wide, with a persistent finish.

The proposed selection is a mix of Gewurztraminer of three Trentini wines and three Alto Atesini wines in a basic version. It is advisable to drink it fresh and accompanied by oriental dishes or try it with angry pens becomes heroic.

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